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Dubbed ‘Sydney’s first lady of blues’, Alice Terry has the kind of voice you can’t ignore.
Powerful and emotive, gritty and intense, Alice Terry’s vocals evoke classic singers like Janis Joplin – the kind of singers who leave it all out on the stage.
Alice began singing the blues at seventeen, quickly being booked for gigs like Narooma Blues, Thredbo Blues and Moruya Jazz Festivals. She released her debut single ‘Emotion’ and debut LP ‘The Fear Of’ in 2018, both of which immediately charted in the top five of the iTunes blues charts.
In the wake of great notices for her debut, Terry has supported acts like Allen Stone, Beth Hart, Matt Corby, The Waifs and Thirsty Merc, and continues to tour with Matt Corby as part of his band.
Each of the acts above contain elements of a mixture of styles Terry calls her own – folk, country and blues stewed together to create an individual feel. American blues singer and Grammy nominee Beth Hart described Alice Terry as ‘the real deal’, and we agree.


Bruk Flex Is the brain child of Badmandela (Jarrol Renaud) and Goldfang (Jai Renaud). An homage to the Rudebwoy era of 80’s and 90’s Dancehall and Reggae, brought to the current with a passion for modern approaches to roots music such as Afro-beat and Calypso. Leaning on the foundations, the brothers bring a sound that uniquely theirs. The live show, Bruk Flex Sound System, features some of Australia’s best Afro-Caribbean musicians.


Drop Legs bring the party with their psychedelic blend of surf rock, hip hop and reggae. With dank bass lines setting up fat grooves, they are the type of band that have fans going from a two step to a mosh before ending arm in arm singing along to feel good anthems.


A bass culture collective out of Australia, Iron Gate Sound has been a mainstay of Sydney's reggae-dancehall scene for a decade. Starting out as a duo consisting of Flip and Gilsun, Iron Gate Sound set out to bring Reggae and Dancehall into the late night venues of afterdark Sydney. While always staying true to their reggae roots, the group also has long made a name for themselves for seamlessly incorporating the more energetic sounds of dancehall, grime, jungle and dubstep into their sets. Using this pallet they have dropped a steady stream of mixtapes including Australia's first “dubplate only’ mixtape “Dubs Fi Di Road”. 2019 saw Sydney Producer Kid Fiction join the project and bring his texture focused electronic style to the group which culminated in the release of the Different Hours Ep featuring appearances from the UKs Chiedu Oraka, RTKAL, Juiceman and Jamaican dub poet Michael St George. Look out for their raft of remixes to celebrate their 10 years in the business coming out in late 2021, and fresh new dancehall featuring Jamaica’s Shanique Marie dropping early 2022! With Iron Gate Sound ‘pon the decks, you can always expect bassculture anthems and detours through the global roots underground!!!


Adopting the offbeat as his mantra. Right hand action from Matuku Lao. This deep rhythm set him dancing off feet to Island music. Transforming physical, lyrical flowers evolving from primordial soup powers.

If that's too far out another one could be...

Luckily there was a guitar to hang on to as the raging flood waters of the Shoalhaven river swept poor George Bishop way out to the blue yonder never never big fridge in the sky. He's all washed up strumming too far gone somewhere.


Animal Ventura is the brainchild of Brazilian-born, Byron Bay-based singer-songwriter Fernando Aragones.
What sets Animal Ventura apart is a unique ability to fuse the solid funky rhythms from his native South America with the coastal-indie-folk of the Australian shore. To top it off his soothing and timeless vocals transitioning between English and Portuguese hold strength and passion in their delivery.


Remy Brooks is a Wollongong based DJ who draws from an expansive sonic palette for his DJ sets. Growing up in Stanwell Park, Remy started learning the drums at age 10, eventually making the switch to DJ’ing when he bought his first pair of decks in his early teens. Although primarily a disco & house DJ, his music collection goes wide and deep through many different genres and decades. Generally more accustom to club spaces, Remy also enjoys sets where he can venture out into more obscure genres and flavours, such as Afrobeat, Balearic and music from South and Central America.


Garfish’s music is a dedicated meditation on the instrumental style pioneered by old world Jamaican masters such as Sly and Robbie, Tommy McCook, Ernest Ranglin and The Skatalites, where jazz language meets the Afro-Caribbean rhythms of Kingston Jamaica. Garfish has taken this sound to a new level in Australia, featuring some of Sydney’s most creative and groovy musicians stretching out over hypnotic reggae beats.


“King Tide” have appeared at just about every major music festival in the country, released their fourth album a high charting compilation of their three previous studio albums.
They have leased tracks and albums in the UK and Japan and been one of the most played rock steady reggae got soul bands on Australian radio. Jamaican music is their compass but not always their destination.


A Wiradjuri man, born and bred on Dunghutti country who has traveled through Italy and the Americas sharing his story through music and story telling.
Rhys radiates freedom, providing the safe place for learning and sharing through music, traditional practices and real experiences of human life.
What to expect: a connectedness to purpose, for sustainable futures through new ways, and for old practices for healing Mother Earth and its inhabitants. Sure to feed your soul.


Gaia, the spirit of the planet, has assembled a hybrid team of musicians to come together and unite their one drop! A musical mission of anima proportions has been assigned to the enigmatic Melting Mamas; and they must bring the good folks of 'Get Together Festival' a medicinal set of reggae, afrobeat and fonk with one goal in mind; to funkify the soul! Should they fail to burn the fire in your belly, they must return to their humble planet abodes, switch on Netflix and contemplate their existence…


It’s easy to see why Declan Kelly is one of the most respected musicians I Australia. Ask any of his esteemed colleagues – Katie Noonan, Alex Lloyd, Emma Donavan, Bernard Fanning, - they all share the same account. From his days as part of the hardest working band in the state The Bondi Cigars, Declan has taken that ethos along with his grace and class to his own mark on Australian music.


Uncle Joe Brown McLeod; Lifelong member of the Dooonooch Dance company, brings his mob to enchant the audience and share their experience and knowledge. Uncle Joe invests his life in caring for Country, sea and his people. He brings a mix of community and family members to showcase a unique and touching performance that combines tradition and culture as one.


PlaneFace is an itinerant space traveller who settled on Earth and got so into making music he didn’t leave. Expect beats, synths, lush chords and a love for the obscure.


Born in a Canadian-style log cabin studio by the beach in a small surf town on the east coast of Australia, Scum recorded their first release (Scum Tape) straight to an old crusty vintage quarter-inch tape machine by Godriguez creating their own style of gritty instrumental funk featuring The Strides guitarist Jake Macdougall, former formal wedding/funeral/ background music drummer Carlos from the cabin and Tim ‘sampsy’ Sampson from out west.


The Strides are a force for Reggae music, fronted by roots man Ras Roni from Barbados, Fijian MC LTL GZeus and Sierra Leonian ragga powerhouse Blaka C, The Strides deliver a musical experience that is as explosive as it is authentic. The Strides’ music faithfully builds on the foundations of classic roots reggae with a hip-hop edge, forging a sound that brings together modern dance hall, dub beats and reggae-pop. After 15 years on the road, this world class 9-piece have become a reggae institution, melding a diversity of cultures and instrumentation under the one universal consciousness.


The shed has a unique line up producing dynamic archival rock with an original edge leading to a journey of improv moments!